PingYo, Inc Has Decided to Shut down It’s Website

PingYo has recently been targeted by a team of fraudsters based in India. The fraudsters have been impersonating Loans2me and attempting to defraud consumers of money in the form of iTunes vouchers on the promise of a future loan.

We receive many enquiries per day from consumers who are verifying whether or not we provide loans in this manner and were glad to be able to prevent the fraud via direct communications on these occasions but many consumers are not thoroughly checking and so we hope to save more from financial harm by screening this message.

PingYo, Inc. or any of its branded website entities does not make outbound calls. We DO NOT charge consumers fees for applying for a loan, we merely process your application to a wide panel of legitimate online lenders. Our service is FREE of charge. We DO NOT send letters with loan offers, we are a brokerage, ONLY a lender would send you documentation and further we do not work with any lender that does have a paper process. Our lenders process their applications fully online.

DO NOT pay upfront fees for loans.

DO NOT engage with any company asking you to send iTunes vouchers as a form of payment

If you would like further information on this matter please email